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From The Designer - Chapter One

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Okay let's start a new blog segment called "From The Designer". This segment will allow myself, Tori-Anne Gill the designer and owner of Dark Thorn Clothing, to get into the nitty gritties of Dark Thorn Clothing. We can discuss anything you'd like to know and be completely transparent with the approach so you, the consumer, can feel even more connected and in touch with Dark Thorn.

In Chapter One I'm going to discuss the collection structure behind Dark Thorn Clothing. Lets dive in.

Each Dark Thorn Clothing collection is limited edition. Only a small run of each collection is produced right here in Australia and once it is sold out it will never return. I decided on this approach by looking at what I'd like as a consumer. Personally I hate walking down the street and bypassing 10 people wearing the same garment but maybe in different colour variations. I want to keep each collection and each garment unique and special to the consumer (you), a garment that many others may not have seen before resulting in compliments at the work place, in shopping centres or just as you pop down to the local grocery store. 

Mina Coat in Black paired with the Lillie Dress. Photographed by Tori-Anne Gill.Mina Coat in Black Paired with the Lillie Dress. Photographed by Tori-Anne Gill.

The limited edition collections also revolve around fabric availability. Many of the fabrics I choose for certain designs are limited and I purchase all the remaining stock which of course results in limited small production runs while the fabric lasts. I feel this also gives another sense of value to the consumer as they wear a piece of Dark Thorn, knowing this piece is limited and so is the fabric. 

Limited edition fabric used to create the Genevieve Skirt. Photographed by Tori-Anne Gill.

Now let's move onto what happens when a new collection gets released. Well, nothing happens. My collections are timeless, transeasonal and made to last. When a new collection is released it does not make the past collection obsolete. If anything it creates new pieces to freshen up past Dark Thorn Clothing garments (not that they need freshening up, if I do say so myself).

Clara Dress. Photographed by Tori-Anne Gill.

I look at myself as an artist not a money making machine. I don't design something because I know it will sell, I design because I like it and it expresses my personal style. I don't follow trends, I mean I don't even read fashion magazines. To me the most fashionable people are those who have their own personal unique style and they don't ever change that to fit a trend. They know what works for them, they spend money on great quality pieces that they know they will wear for many many years to come. Outfit repeating is cool people!

But to summarise, I create limited edition timeless collections, my past collections only become obsolete when they are sold out and I don't follow trends. 

If you have any questions or topics you want me to address in Chapter Two please comment them below! I'm hoping to do these segments at least once a month as I am quite the busy lady as I run every aspect of Dark Thorn (maybe that can be the next topic...)

T-A x


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