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Victorian Era Fashion - Hoop 1856-1869

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Hoop Era introduced the Crinoline. Once looked down upon by those in the high society they eventually gave in to wearing the crinoline instead of the numerous layers of petticoats to get the desired skirt width. The lower class wore the crinolines as a cheap way to get the desired width in the skirts as they couldn't effort the extreme layers of petticoats that those in the high society could. All the petticoat layers eventually got extremely hot in the summer climates that the high society eventually took the idea back on board. Because of the crinolines long drawers were then worn to prevent the ankles from exposing when a gust of wind would blow.

1856 - Jacket bodices became very popular, evening necklines came down around the shoulders while day wear sleeves came out like a bell sleeve. Slim at the shoulder and flaring out towards the end with some layered. A linen under sleeve was then warn underneath.

1860's - Waist lines now finish at the natural waist and finish straight around while before they would come to a point at the front and sometimes came up to 3 points at the back. Garibaldi blouses became popular under jackets. Garibaldi blouse was named after an Italian hero called Giuseppe Garibaldi. Garibaldi was known for his bright red shirt which today is known as the blouse.

1863 - Hoops began to create more body at the back rather than in the front. Because of the Civil War fabrics and trims started to decline. This resulted in the decline in flounces on skirts which then soon completely disappeared.

1864 - Bishop sleeves became popular. These are typically gathered at the shoulder and wrist with body in-between. Postillion bodices which are jackets with long tails down the back full of detailing such as trimmings, embroidery or ribbons were also extremely popular and remained popular for the next following years. 

1865 - Skirts began to diminish at the hips. By 1857 the size of the skirts reduced all together. Skirts were often looped for walking and to expose detailed petticoats underneath. By 1869 hoops were replaced all together by bustles. 




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