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Victorian Era Fashion 1883 - 1890

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By 1883 the bustle came back and bigger than ever. Bustles were now stuffed with straw and enabled the skirt to come horizontally out from the waist. The skirts still remained thin around the front and sides and the bodice came back to above the hips.

High necklines were extremely popular even all the way into the afternoon and gowns were extremely tailored with vests, jackets or were made to give the illusion of a vest or jacket. A lot of drapery covered dresses which meant there were not longer many spaces left for trimmings. 

Evening gowns came up to the shoulder and majority didn't have any sleeves at all but may have a frill of trim or lave coming from the strap. 

By 1889 bustles begin to vanish to nothing, simpler narrow skirts came in and sleeves started to get larger.


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