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Photoshoot part #1 Martindale Hall

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Martindale hall is a huge part of South Australia's history. The beautiful Georgian building resides in Mintaro in the Clare Valley and has had films such as Picnic at Hanging Rock filmed on its premises. 

I have attended Martindale hall numerous times just to wonder its corridors and soak in its beautiful history and just to sit back and think 'imagine what it would have been like living here or attending one of the many balls held there'.

When designing for the relaunch of Dark Thorn Clothing i knew in the back of my mind the whole time the first ever photoshoot needed to be held here. They welcomed us in and let us take photographs there which they very rarely let due to all the old paintings and antiques inside the building. As you walk into the foyer you're welcomes by the most beautiful sets of stairs which i believe will hold one of the most iconic images for Dark Thorn Clothing.

Once you've walked up the stairs you're then looking over the large square balcony that continues all the way around the top floor looking over the foyer and onto the beautiful chandelier that hands right in the centre. Around this balcony are paintings and portraits of all the residents that once resided there. 

Joining onto this balcony on the second floor are all the bedrooms. The bedrooms, once again, are kept perfectly intact and completely beautiful. With all the original ensuite fixtures and large spacious rooms which included fireplaces.

From here we then made our way back downstairs and explored the smoke room, 'lounge room' and dining room. The smoke room was beautiful, around each wall there was an endless book case featuring all the original books collection over the lifetime of Martindale hall along with a pool table in the centre of the room with all of the 'prize rams' photographed and these images hung above the bookcase. Due to a shortage of lighting in this room no photographs could have been taken.

The dining room has two beautiful fire places with breathtaking ornaments on the fireplace shelves along with ornate mirrors and paintings. In the centre of the room held the large dining table with ornate silverware. 

We then worked our way outside which was surrounded by grass and trees.

The outside of Martindale Hall is what really takes your breath away. Driving up the long drive way and through the large gates, to then park and walk through another pair of gates to suddenly see the beautiful building emerge from the trees. Large stairs leading up to the building with palm trees, greenery and grass that is kept immaculate.

Martindale Hall was gifted to the University of Adelaide by the Mortlock family in 1965 which it was then gifted to the people of South Australia by the University of Adelaide in 1986. Currently the government is trying to sell this beautiful building to then be turned into a wellness retreat/resort which would completely destroy the beautiful history and aesthetic of this historical Georgian building and it will also go against the peoples choice which is who the building was left to. Currently you can visit Martindale hall for just $12 a head and cheaper again for pensioners and children. 

If you have a moment, check out the Facebook page "Share the Love: Keep Martindale Hall for the People" to keep up to date and voice your concerns. On there page you will also find a link where you can sign the petition to keep Martindale Hall in the hands of the people. 


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