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About Dark Thorn Clothing Pt #1 - Who is behind Dark Thorn Clothing?

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I know a lot of you are probably wondering, "what is Dark Thorn Clothing?", "Who is behind Dark Thorn Clothing?", "Where does Dark Thorn Clothing reside?" etc,. In a range of different blog posts I'm going to go through who, where, why, how and when to help you get a better feeling and understanding of Dark Thorn Clothing.

Today I am going to go through WHO is Dark Thorn Clothing and these posts will be written from me, no 'she', 'we', 'her' its going to be written by 'I' which i hope you can communicate better with.

Dark Thorn Clothing is run, owned and operated by myself, Tori-Anne Gill. I am a 20 year old female who grew up and still resides in country South Australia. I have a huge love of antiques, old school rock music, reading my tarot cards and soaking in the environments that surround my beautiful home in the country. 

I spend my days designing, creating art, relaxing soaking up the scent of incense and soy candles, helping around the farm when I am needed and most importantly antique shopping and exploring new areas along with finding out new history facts (my favourite).

I have a high love for the Victorian Era and exploring the spirituality behind witchcraft. Finding new inspiring images, TV shows or movies that fuel the creativity behind my designs as Dark Thorn Clothing. (Another post will be written in the near future outlining exactly what inspires me as i design). Intricate details and quality soft fabric is what I ensure Dark Thorn Clothing has. When you look at antiques you see all the beautiful ornate and detail carvings. This is what I am trying to portray through my designs along with beautiful luxurious fabrics. 

I also has a love for make-up which I do in my spare time. Make-up and fashion go hand in hand especially when it comes to portraying your personality through appearances. My love for make-up comes second after my love of fashion and design. I love playing with different mediums, colours, styles, finding new products and cosmetic labels to try.

I'm going to try and keep these blog posts short so I'm not bombarding you with words. If i've missed something out or you want to know something more about me let me know, there will be plenty more blog posts to come.

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